Saturday September 5, 2015
59 degrees w/ 3 mph winds
Day 114

My mother leaves today….it’s been 55 years since she first stepped foot on Seguin and today will be her last day to stand on this beautiful place…a place of History, our history….a place of Beauty….a place so beautiful that it stays with you your entire life!

Penny and Momma playing in the cove while waiting for Ethan

My sister woke with a migraine…this is something she has had to deal with her entire life….we gave her the drugs needed and put her back to bed, but with a houseful of folks…not sure if she is able to sleep, even with us being quiet…so outdoors we go.
Larry working the sales in the gift shop

Breakfast….yep…Blueberry Pancakes and sausage patties…with the Maple syrup Anne gave us as well as the Hickory smoked syrup Raymond made back in Oklahoma.

Everyone is out on the porch soaking in….everything!

We have to spend what little time we have with my family until we take them to the cove to meet Ethan.  They fly back to Texas tomorrow. 

We think we are going to start taking our things down to the Donkey Engine House so we will be better prepared for Monday.

Our overnight guest arrived and it was Kim…one of my WW!  I got to meet her husband and their friends.

Wasn’t expecting Ethan to have a group of visitors today, but that’s ok….lots of first timers!  Picnics all over the yard...People talking with momma about her life here on Seguin and I’m loving listening to her tell the stories…back in the day.

Visitors enjoying the picnic table
We continued to have folks visit from their own boats up until 7pm…Kim and her group were outside cooking salmon on the grill…the fog horn is still blasting, thankfully not at full sound, but it is constant.
Kim and her group
Visitors out on the South Trail

Dinner…Spaghetti w/ Meat sauce, garlic cheddar toast, dump cake for dessert!  We will be leaving some food for the next people…I overbought for my family…I didn’t want them to get hungry.

Lots of individual boats in the cove

Just found out from my internet provider that I have till midnight or I have to purchase another month…don’t think one more blog is worth $50.00….so with that said this is my LAST blog….I can blog till midnight! 
We leave Monday at 1:30…I will be saying “Good Bye” to this place…and I will be crying, which I’m trying not to at this moment!

I want to THANK all the F.O.S.I.L. members for making us feel welcome. 
Thank you to Cyndy, you talked to me many times before we left Texas, you came and showed us “how” to live out here, you invited us into your home, I’ve spent many nights there, you continued to “Be There” for us…calling, getting things we needed, etc….
Thank you Ken and Dot for your generosity, for letting us spend the night at your home, for calling me to see if I needed anything out here on this island…and so much more.
Thank you to all “my” Wednesday Warriors….I am so impressed with all the work you have done while we were here and all the work I know that still needs to be done.  Jeff, Ken, Rick, Tom, Kim, Cyndy, Anne and many others!
Thank you to Deb for making us feel so welcome, for checking in on us, for being in charge of this wonderful organization.
Thank you Anne…you will never know how much you helped us…thanks for My Birthday Cake, the tomatoes, the syrup, and much more.
Thank you to Catherine who put up with me and “my” way of doing the inventory/visitors logs/gift shop sales…always making sure we knew about upcoming overnight guest.
Thank you Nat for what you do with all the inventory, keeping me going with all my wares to sale!
Thank you to Ethan (& Pepper)….we put our lives in your hand each and every time…you rearranged your schedule to help our family come out to enjoy Seguin, you got us to and from shore weekly to get all our supplies…you let my brother borrow a fishing pole to play along the beach…and so much more.

I know there are folks that I will wake up in the middle of the night upset that I forgot to mention you by name…so many wonderful people in the organization…Thank You!

We will miss you Seguin…
                   Larry and T’Ann

Friday September 4, 2015
59 degrees w/ 5 mph winds
Day 113

The Texans & Oklahomians are cold…everyone has their coats on with a cup of hot coffee in hand.  I’m loving it, I don’t want to leave it!

Changed up breakfast this morning….Breakfast Burritos!

Ethan wasn’t going to be bringing a group today, so I took advantage of it and went on a few trails with my momma, sister Penny, and cousin Dana. The boys adventured out on their own…taking the other trails.

Midmorning snack….Thanks to Rick, one of my WW, he was sweet and brought me a sweet card and a zucchini/blueberry loaf…it was sooo good!

OK…I started gathering items and packing…not happy…sad!  I don’t really have a lot to take, just my sea glass, drift wood, my coffee cup, some clothes, and the last item will be my computer.  We leave Monday at 1:30, so I won’t be able to do my Monday…Labor Day….Blog.  My last blog will be on Sunday evening…and yes my eye’s will be wet!

Larry’s out mowing the top “one more time” with the new riding mower.  Family members are helping “clean out” the fridge…and remember I have a chef in the house, so we are eating well.

Talked with Cyndy to let her know some “important items” that the relief keepers will need to bring when they come.  We want to spend a little time with her before we go.  Not only is a new friend, but she has been a great liaison while we were out here…our lifeline to the world!  Thank You Cyndy!!

 Lunch…Grilled hot dogs/chili/cheese/onions….no relish.  We also made some queso to go with it.

The temp at 1 pm was 65 degrees w/ 11 mph winds….still chilly outside, but the sun makes it perfect!

My one brother has to leave at 4 today with Ethan so he can get back to Texas, the other leave Saturday afternoon and we leave Monday.

By 2:40 the temp was down to 63 degrees w/ 10 mph winds.

We took several photo’s…the first was of momma putting dad’s name plaque on the Coast Guards board.  Our next photo was one of our “last” family Seguin photo before sending my brother, Kevin, down to the cove to head back to Texas. 
My mother, Judy Howard placing dad's plaque
Me, Penny, Momma, Kris and Kevin

After photo’s we headed down, got the dingy out and ready, Kris rowed Kevin out when Ethan arrived, then headed for shore.  Kris…since he was already out on the water decided to fish, Penny and I looked at the different rocks while mom looked on from the Boat House deck.  It was good!

Kris taking Kevin out to meet Ethan

We made it back up to the top of the hill, with momma saying “this was going to be my last time, and her I did it again”.  We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying being in the yard…talking…laughing…taking photo’s…enjoying each other.  Raymond took a photo of a “double” photo…one where he took a photo of a museum photo and the lighthouse now/today.   The fog horn has come on at odd times since they came and worked on the tower light the other day….we didn’t notice it at first because it was foggy, however, now with it bright, clear day and it is still going off…and now it is a different tone (?).  I’ll call the CG tomorrow and let them know. 

Then & Now

My cousins husband Ray fixed us a fabulous dinner….Fried Chicken, Fried Fish, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans…then we finished off the dump cake from the other day…we were looking forward to the Banana Pudding…but Larry got into it earlier today.  As I am writing this blog, there are those in the kitchen cleaning, others at the table talking…it’s a good day!

Bandit knows something is not right…I’ve continued throughout the day to grab little things and pack them…it’s like he thinks I’m going to leave him…NEVER.

Looking forward to some games tonight around the dinner table!  My mother, sister and little brother leave tomorrow…sad!
My sister, Penny enjoying the sunset

The sunset was spectacular!  Mount Washington was vivid!

My family taking photo's of the sunset 
Thursday September 3, 2015     
72 degrees w/ 0 mph winds….it’s going to be warm today!
Day 112

Woke to the fog horn this morning.  The house was FULL of sleepy family members…it’s nice that we have two blowup mattresses and that our couch is a futon and makes a bed for two, and we have a second bedroom with a full bed, as well as a cot/couch at the top of our stairs…but it only sleeps one.  Those that are awake and drinking coffee are taking in the 360 degree views. 
Breakfast on Seguin
We only had to get a few grocery items yesterday, we had all our leftover supplies from the summer….we never wanted to be caught needing.  What we don’t eat, we will leave and hopefully those that are staying till Columbus Day can enjoy.
My Momma 
Guess what we are having for breakfast?????  Blueberry Pancakes and bacon…we have decided that is what our families are really looking forward to when they come to Maine.  PLUS…my cousin brought his homemade Hickory Smoked Syrup…it is delicious!
Seen more of these creatures in the last week than all of the summer
I forgot to tell you that when Anne, the VP of F.O.S.I.L. came yesterday, she brought me some goodies from her garden…two beautiful large tomatoes!!  We are looking forward to eating them.

Maine…you can keep your biting flies….vampire flies….they love my ankles…..ouch!  Beverly told me to be ready so I brought those “OFF” battery flavored fans and they are working…when I remember to get one.

No visitors before Ethan’s group arrived…he only had about 20…so we were able to spend a little more time with each little group.  We did have a few boats come but not many. 
Lunch was a hodgepodge of sorts....with so many to feed, I told them to just eat whatever was left in the fridge. 
Visitors enjoying their picnic and Bandit
The weather has been a little hazy all day, and the fog horn has gone on and off all day... and we eventually got a storm from the north.  We heard a little thunder and saw a few flashes of lightening…then finally the rain began…at first it was heavy, lasting about ten minutes…and then one of God’s miracles…a rainbow!
My brother, Kevin and the "odd" shaped storm cloud

Kevin and Momma reading some of the Museums info
My brother, Kris and my Momma on the front porch
My brothers and I headed to the cove to pickup our…I mean their dinner…Lobster! I’m allergic so I don’t get to enjoy the fruit of the sea….I did get to watch them retrieve them from the sea…Jackson had left them for us in the cove.  My cousins husband, Ray, is a Chef…so I gave him full range of the kitchen, and I love it.  So we had a Lobster boil….Lobster, corn on the cob, potatoes, garlic butter…and homemade banana pudding!
Kris checking out the Lobster!!
I’m stressing a little….trying to figure out about leaving….packing/cleaning/remembering to tell the next keepers stuff/sad that we are leaving/excited to get back to the real world/sad I’m leaving Seguin/excited my family is here…tomorrow I want Momma to put dad’s name plate on the wall in the Museum.
Momma looking at my collage of photo's in the Museum

Ok folks…my Momma NEVER went out on the catwalk….never when she was here in 1960-61…never in 2008 when we came and visited Seguin and I found out about the “summer keepers”…never when she came out last month with her three friends….but today….she went out on the catwalk!
Momma on the catwalk...a 1st!
We enjoyed the sunset…then a card game around the table to end the night.
Kris and Momma, we went to check out the Whistle House and the site of the other house

My family is so excited to be here…here on Seguin…some for the first time ever, some for their second time.  They are loving the morning time…which it is my favorite….ok, they are loving the entire time…all the way to the sunset!
 My cousin Dana and her husband Raymond enjoying our beautiful sunset