Our first week on Seguin Island

Friday May 22, 2015

This is going to be my first entry from Seguin Island.  Larry and I arrived a little earlier than we expected.  So on Saturday May 16 we came to the island with the Seguin “WARRIORS”, a great group of volunteers who brought supplies needed on the island as well as all of our stuff.  I was so anxious to get to the top and see the lighthouse and even more anxious for Larry to see it for the first time! 

We finally made it to the top, each of the volunteers went to work doing their own special task.  The electricity and plumbing had to be turned on.  Others went and started cleaning the kitchen, while Cyndy began showing Larry how to do the compost toilets….notice I sent Larry to learn how that works!
All the volunteers were to be down at the cove to leave the island by noon….what, no don’t leave yet…but there they went down the trail and disappeared.  Thank God we have Cyndy Carney and Michael Boonstra to stay with us for the next ten day to show us how to live on this island by ourselves.

Larry's first night photo of Light

It’s been seven days and they have gone by so fast, we have worked hard daily.  We did have one day that the weather was too bad to do anything outside, so we worked getting the museum and gift shop cleaned and organized.
Every meal has been great, Michael and Larry taking turns preparing wonderful filling meals that we got to enjoy with our new friends with great conversations throughout the evenings.  Then we head out to the west side of the island to watch the sunsets…I’ve missed a few, was tired and headed to bed early.

Today….our first visitors!  Six young kayaking students and their instructor from SUNY at Plattsburg University showed up in our cove.  They came to the top, ate their lunches and then we gave them a tour of the museum, gift shop and lighthouse.  I made my first sale!  I’m not counting the stuff Cyndy or I have bought!

Our Seven Young Kayakers

Tomorrow starts my first official daily posting of our life here on Seguin Island, Maine.